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The vision of St. Peter's Catholic Church is to be faithful disciples of Christ by: Seeking a deeper relationship with God; Spreading the Gospel by word and action; Passing on the faith at every stage of life; Serving as ambassadors of charity, justice and peace; Promoting Christian community regardless of age or ethnic group; Striving to be agents of love and forgiveness in our parish and other faith communities. We recognize that there are many people in Beaufort who suffer from physical hunger and many more who suffer from spiritual hunger. Jesus is calling us to bear fruit as a parish, shining as his light for all in our area.

Total Raised: $1915.00

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CaptainMonica Wiser$470.00star
PaddlerALICIA DAVIS$245.00
PaddlerAlgeretta Logan$0.00
PaddlerAlice Wallace$0.00
PaddlerAmy Ponte$10.00
PaddlerAnalise Ponte$0.00
PaddlerBarbara Sinsheimer$0.00
PaddlerBrigid Murphy$50.00
PaddlerCaroline Fermin$150.00
PaddlerCatherine Forester$430.00
PaddlerEliza Hill$55.00
PaddlerEliza Hill$0.00
PaddlerJanet Mulcahy$0.00
PaddlerJoshua Wegmann$0.00
PaddlerKate Hamilton Pardee$0.00
PaddlerKim Hart $30.00
PaddlerLouise Mathews$0.00
PaddlerMakayla Alston$100.00
PaddlerNina Benedict$50.00
PaddlerPeter Murphy$50.00
PaddlerRosa-Leah Leek$0.00
PaddlerSiobhan Murphy$50.00
PaddlerSusan Heim$75.00
PaddlerTheresa DeToli$100.00
Paddlerbrian wegmann$50.00