MOB Squad

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Madness will help people attain maximum fitness performance and ability while focusing on the personalized goals of the individual. By pushing yourself mentally and physically to do things that seem challenging but is attainable through hard work. MOB Squad is sponsored by Pinnacle Plastic Surgery. As Beaufort County's only female plastic and reconstructive surgeon, board-certified Dr. Audrey A. Klenke feels a strong connection to this cause. Many of Dr. Klenke's patients are courageous breast cancer survivors, and DragonBoat is another way for Pinnacle to support these strong and inspiring women. The Pinnacle name not only represents Dr. Klenke’s practice, it also stands for survivors rising above the disease.

Total Raised: $705.00

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CaptainArlan Johnson $40.00
PaddlerAllison Grier$90.00
PaddlerAnthony Johnson $0.00
PaddlerAvory Johnson$0.00
PaddlerBeth Free$40.00
PaddlerCharles Johnson$0.00
PaddlerChase Cohee$0.00
PaddlerChris Knox$190.00star
PaddlerChrissy Petit$0.00
PaddlerCorey Witter$0.00
PaddlerGrace Cummings$90.00
PaddlerJahleel Witter$0.00
PaddlerKevin Schnaubelt$0.00
PaddlerLatashia Smalls$0.00
PaddlerMary Lou Knox$175.00
PaddlerMatthew Garay $40.00
PaddlerMel Roberts$40.00