Brawn and Bling

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I am Sharon Browne and it is an honor to represent Dragonboat Beaufort and last year's gold medal winners in Division 2, Brawn & Bling!!!!! I cannot tell you how touched I was to have all of you support DBB and to help in our outreach effort for those battling Cancer. Most of us have been affected by witnessing someone we love or personally going through the battle yourselves and to be able to rise up and show support and courage is incredibly inspirational!! From the bottom of my heart thank you for being a part of Brawn & Bling!!!! Let's do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Raised: $1185.00

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CaptainSharon Browne$340.00star
PaddlerBeth Boulware$0.00
PaddlerCarla Pitts$0.00
PaddlerCaroline McDougall$50.00
PaddlerChris Hunt$50.00
PaddlerDiana McDougall$100.00
PaddlerDon Browne$50.00
PaddlerDylan Taylor$100.00
PaddlerJennifer Hunt$50.00
PaddlerJennifer Taylor$50.00
PaddlerJeremy Soos$50.00
PaddlerKara Johnson$0.00
PaddlerLORI JOHNSON$200.00
PaddlerLoren Pedlar$0.00
PaddlerMichael Hunt$50.00
PaddlerRandy Pitts$0.00
PaddlerTravis Boulware$0.00
PaddlerTravis Pedlar$45.00
PaddlerZachary McDougall$50.00