Tidal Creek Turtles

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The Tidal Creek Turtles is a diverse team that came together originally to support several team members who had lost loved ones to cancer. As we continue the tradition in our second year we are working to increase support of cancer survivors in our community...and have some fun!!

Total Raised: $1000.00

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CaptainSarah Folzenlogen$60.00
PaddlerAmanda Clark$0.00
PaddlerCasey Stauffer$0.00
PaddlerCathy Keup$0.00
PaddlerChance Lasher$50.00
PaddlerCheri Lasher$100.00
PaddlerChris Collins$600.00star
PaddlerChris Collins$0.00
PaddlerDOug Folzenlogen$0.00
PaddlerGary Brown$0.00
PaddlerJanie Lackman$10.00
PaddlerJonathan Clark$0.00
PaddlerKirsten Folzenlogen$0.00
PaddlerLaura Smith$0.00
PaddlerMarc Carignan$0.00
PaddlerMichael Chambers$30.00
PaddlerNicole Folzenlogen$0.00
PaddlerRick Keup$0.00
PaddlerRobert Lasher$50.00
PaddlerSteven Kinnad$100.00
PaddlerSue Zankowski$0.00
Paddlerdwight smith$0.00