Rack Attack

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RACK ATTACK is a mixed community team comprised of The Breast Health Center, staff of Hilton Head Hospital & cancer survivors. We have all faced cancer in some way and are dedicated to the treatment & care of people afflicted with this disease. We are honored to show our support by racing each year.

Total Raised: $461.00

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CaptainKristy Carge$100.00star
PaddlerAmedia Irving$0.00
PaddlerBetsy Strickland$0.00
PaddlerDebbie Nicholas$50.00
PaddlerDonna Garske$50.00
PaddlerJessica Finney$0.00
PaddlerJudy Horton$0.00
PaddlerKaci Adams$0.00
PaddlerKathi Gibb$30.00
PaddlerKimberly Cook$0.00
PaddlerKirk Frank$51.00
PaddlerKurt Malloy$0.00
PaddlerLindsay Anderzack$0.00
PaddlerNatalia Milliken $0.00
PaddlerRon Findlay$30.00
PaddlerRon Groteluschen$100.00star
PaddlerSondra Bush$0.00
PaddlerTad Flowers$0.00
PaddlerTed Bliman$0.00
PaddlerTina Stephens$0.00
PaddlerWalt Moyer$50.00
PaddlerZachary Lewis$0.00
PaddlerZack Lewis$0.00
Paddlerkelly Clemens$0.00