Some Like it Hot

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Our team is racing for the third year in a row! Originally the team was comprised mostly of Bikram Yoga Hilton Head devotees. We practice for 90 minutes in a room that is heated to 106 degrees. This practice is healing and therapeutic with many overall health benefits. However this year we are also “Team on Fire”. We have a new team member who is a fund raising machine and is killing it with donations. As a team we are very proud to be a part of this! Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life. Our common thread is belief in community service and giving back. We all have a passion for fitness and realize how these components enrich our lives overall! This year’s team embraces families getting involved. We have mothers and daughters, husband and wife, uncle and nephew, sisters and good friends, Martel Law has been an established Law Firm in Beaufort County since 1997. They have been very active in the community and support many charities. We are all honored to be a part of this event!

Total Raised: $14130.00

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CaptainEileen Mulligan$370.00
PaddlerAja Sherman$0.00
PaddlerBonnie Alexander$0.00
PaddlerBrandon Irvin$0.00
PaddlerCheyenne Boyd$0.00
PaddlerChristopher Wood$0.00
PaddlerJakkie Pidanick$175.00
PaddlerJohn Lambe$350.00
PaddlerLauren Martel $100.00
PaddlerMike McComas$0.00
PaddlerMike Ulsh$315.00
PaddlerNate Scalf$0.00
PaddlerPaula Marzo$0.00
PaddlerPiper Martel $50.00
PaddlerQuincy Martel $50.00
PaddlerRachel Ruth$0.00
PaddlerRob Ulsh$12570.00star
PaddlerRobert Whitfield $50.00
PaddlerSpencer Martel $50.00
PaddlerVictor Wnek$0.00
Paddlercareen turner$0.00
Paddlersusan coker$50.00