JCB Paddling Diggers

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The JCB Paddling Diggers are all co-workers or spouses of co-workers from JCB. Coming together to have fun away from work. The team members work in different areas of the business from the General Manager, materials, purchasing, finance, accounting, production and engineering. Watch out for our awesome teamwork.

Total Raised: $926.00

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CaptainShannon Bowman$150.00
PaddlerANDREA SIMPSON-SMITH$175.00star
PaddlerAntonio Rountree$16.00
PaddlerBrian Priester$0.00
PaddlerChris Trampush$50.00
PaddlerChristopher Stiebler$50.00
PaddlerDawn Underwood$120.00
PaddlerJason Dukes$0.00
PaddlerJason Middleton$50.00
PaddlerJoe Hughes$50.00
PaddlerJoel Hayes$50.00
PaddlerMelissa Stafford$50.00
PaddlerMelody Burks$50.00
PaddlerNathaniel Shank$50.00
PaddlerRoy Jackson$50.00
PaddlerSasha Fellone$0.00
PaddlerZaida Del Valle$15.00
Paddlerjason critzer$0.00
Paddlerkim johnson$0.00