Our Mission

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Mission Statement

Through the physical competition of dragonboat racing and the strength of camaraderie, DragonBoat Beaufort aims to provide cancer survivors with a total sense of wellness. Additionally, our OUTREACH program supports individual cancer patients who live, work or are treated in Beaufort County with needs they cannot afford or for which they lack coverage.


Imagine that you’re diagnosed with cancer and can no longer work or have no nest egg. Maybe you don’t have transportation, or just don’t know how you will handle this month’s bills? This is what our friends and neighbors face when they get the devastating news that their whole life has just changed.

The DragonBoat Beaufort Race Day Festival raises funds to help cancer patients that live, work, or receive treatment in Beaufort County. The money we raise stays right here in Beaufort County which means that our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, teachers, neighbors, or friends can receive assistance. Our all-volunteer force tries to be your good neighbor in your time of stress by assisting with the needs that insurance does not cover. Maybe your need is gas or just a ride to get to treatment, groceries, utility bills, or drug costs insurance won’t cover - we can help with the unforeseen expenses. Cancer does not discriminate by age, race, or gender. We assist patients that would never dream they would not be able to meet their basic needs but suddenly the expenses of treatment have overwhelmed them. Cancer treatments can reduce your income, increase your expenses; or for many, both.

Our Outreach Program works with the social workers at local hospitals to insure that we are the right organization to assist the patient. There are many charitable organizations in our area and we belong to the Community Service Organization to stay abreast of local resources.